Kansas City Star Discounts Officer's Heroism After Olathe East Shooting

From the comfort of a home offices or a sad P.O. box on the Country Club Plaza, today the Kansas City Star took aim at an officer who many people are calling a hero.

To wit . . .


Apparently, they're waiting for student mobile phone video and some rhetorical acrobatics that will blame everybody besides the adult shooter who has been charged with attempted capital murder.

Here's the crux of their argument . . . 

"But we still don’t know all that happened in the moments before Olathe Officer Erik Clark shot Jaylon Elmore, who’d allegedly produced a gun in the school office where Assistant Principal Kaleb Stoppel was also shot.

"We’re waiting for the completion of the official investigation into the incident and exchange of gunfire. Did the officer prevent another mass school shooting, or was this something else?"

In fairness, here's a more serious response in the aftermath of the crisis from a suburban law enforcement police leader . . . 

“It was a textbook response with the absolute maximum desired result, short of the fact that three people were shot” said former Overland Park Police Chief Jon Douglass.

But no matter how you prepare the challenges of an active shooter are difficult to handle.

“If you have an active shooter, multiple jurisdictions often respond and that gives a substantial immediate impact, and enough people to do the job,” Douglass said.

The suspected shooter detained, the threat, neutralized and the district's multifaced plan did what it was supposed to do, that according to Douglass.

“We have massive responses and going straight to the source and no fooling around whoever gets there first goes right to find them because an active shooter in a school is a killing machine,” he said.

“The public needs to stop and take pause for a minute, and recognize the heroism of the admitted school administrators and teachers and the police officers who respond to these things,” Douglass said.

Accordingly . . . 

If or when the Star chooses to give credit where it's due, it'll be far too late. Today's screed was an insult to so many people across partisan lines who believe that school shootings are of the utmost concern given that EVERYONE wants to keep students safe.

Honestly, this missive from the fading daily newspaper isn't even a good troll. 

Defending a school shooter and raising suspicions about the bravery of an officer is pretty much the bottom of the barrel and the lowest that any pundit could go. 

If this rant came from anyone else, the offending social media account would likely be in suspended. 

Still, we want to keep a serious subject as light as possible because we're really just discussing the decline of metro journalism. 

Something to consider for a laugh . . .


Meanwhile . . . 

Adults are talking about new gun tech, better protections for youngsters and, yes, community praise for an officer who saved lives - A fact that contradicts so much culture war anti-police hatred.

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You decide . . .