Kansas City St. Paddy's Day Pix 2022

For those who want a closer look at today's druken party . . . We're happy to oblige.

We don't know if these images have the skillz that hottie Lindsey has behind the camera.

But they're still worth a quick peek . . .

Kansas Citians line the streets for St. Patrick's Day Parade after 2-year hiatus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After two years without it, the Kansas City St. Patrick's Day Parade made its return Thursday. People lined the streets decked out in green clothing ready to celebrate the holiday. This year's theme was "Doing an Irish Dance."

KC's St. Patrick's parade wound-up and never wound-down

Things are looking greener these days. // Photo by Chase Castor Maybe you sat on some shoulders. Maybe you stood on some horses. Maybe you decided to work from home today and watch from afar. Kansas City may have been a little stir crazy since the pandemic started, but this year's St.

Thousands line street for Kansas City's St. Patrick's Day parade after 2-year hiatus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There was green everywhere as thousands lined Broadway in Kansas City to catch one of the nation's biggest St. Patrick's Day parades. "We came around 10, just to get a good spot," Danielle Mattson said. Mattson said she visits Kansas City often and has always heard about how big the parade is but had never been.

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