Kansas City Sends Love To Ukraine

A quick glimpse at local efforts to help an embattled nation deserve a moment of our attention.

Also, there's good info here on how locals can support the struggle . . .

"Organizations across Kansas City are offering opportunities to volunteer or donate to help those affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

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Want to help Ukraine? Here are some Kansas City ways

As the Russia's war on Ukraine continues, many organizations are helping to provide humanitarian aid to those in need. They make donations to feed Ukrainians and help people displaced by the invasion. Below is a list of local organizations accepting donations or arranging volunteer efforts: Heart to Heart International is working to deliver medical and humanitarian assistance.

KC child psychologist gives advice on talking about tough topics, like Ukraine, with your kids

As we see reports on what's happening in Ukraine, our children are seeing it too. Even very young children can sense the intensity of what's happening around them.A child psychologist in Kansas City talked with KMBC about what questions to expect and how to address them.War is a complex topic to discuss with a child.

U.S. Rep. Cleaver says most of Congress united on American response to Ukraine invasion

Ukraine has been fighting the invasion by Russian troops since Feb. 24. The unprovoked attack has prompted 1 million Ukrainians to flee for neighboring countries like Poland and Hungary, among others. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), a member of the Homeland Security Committee, shared his approval of President Biden's response to the Russia-Ukraine war, saying much of the world is united in backing Ukraine.

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