Kansas City Rent STILL Too Damn High

Rising inflation hasn't helped local scamps find a decent place to live.

Accordingly, the "public radio" station recently put this report from last year on blast . . . Here's a passage that's worth another peek . . .

Rent has gone way up in City Market, Columbus Park, the Crossroads. But it's climbed even more dramatically across various Midtown neighborhoods.

A two-bedroom in Westport went for $850 in 2013 (more like $950, correcting for inflation). You'd be hard-pressed to find a similar apartment now for under $1,300.

A two-bedroom house in East Brookside rented for $350 in the late 1990s (more like $600 today). Renting a similar home now costs closer to $1,500 a month.

A one-bedroom in Volker, right off West 39th Street, went for $500 in 2011, just one decade ago. Even with inflation, that's just $620 today. An available unit in the exact same building is currently listed for $950.

Across most of Midtown, rental rates appeared to have doubled in just the last decade. And just about every unit I saw cost more than $800. Where could you go, I wondered, for under $800 a month?

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Rent is going up so fast, it's not just pricing out residents - it's hurting Kansas City

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