Kansas City Rallies Around Ukrainian Club

Right now one of our most reliable local progressive news outlet offers an opportunity for residents to express their wartime support from a safe distance.

There's no word if a tote bag is included, but nevertheless, here's a lovingly crafted pitch to support Eastern European people at home and in a combat zone . . .

The Ukrainian Club of Kansas City is now the primary contact for all who are mortified by Putin’s efforts to conquer Ukraine for Russia.

Everyone, it seems, suddenly is tapping the club. Local Ukrainians who desperately want to join the war effort, even from more than 5,000 miles away. Kansas Citians who are eager to show their solidarity and learn more about the country’s ancient history and culture. And journalists seeking local contacts to give context to the horrifying images on the news.

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Fighting for Ukraine's Independence Here in the Heartland

Since the 1950s, the Ukrainian Club of Kansas City has united expats - professors, students, professionals and others who found their way from the heartland of Eastern Europe to the heartland of the United States. For decades, that was enough.

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A group of 30 Ukrainians is stuck here in Kansas City unable to go home because of the war.The group originally traveled to the United States on Feb. 20 for a conference with Kansas City-based Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They had no idea that war would break out just days later."My hometown here small city in west Ukraine - Rivne.

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