Kansas City Radio Sputnik: Free Speech Vs. Russian Propaganda?!?

In a free society government has limited authority to restrict what citizen can view.

In fact, the US Constitution offers more freedom to consider various forms of opinion, info and information than ANYWHERE else on the planet.

However . . .

Tech companies aren't constrained by free speech rules and most of your feed is just a big, fat, fancy advertiser algorithm.

Now . . .

In time of war, hype from "many sides" is flowing rampantly.

Even more importantly, there's a local connection and a question about content straight from Moscow.

Check-it . . .

Most of the day, KCXL 1140AM broadcasts religious programming and conservative talk shows. However, for three-hour blocks in the morning and evening, Alpine Broadcasting’s three signals flip to Radio Sputnik. That’s the English language broadcast service of the Russian government. The program originates from a studio in Washington D.C.

Radio station owners state Radio Sputnik is popular with European families living near Kansas City, and its emphasis on free speech is important . . .

However, having the information come directly from Russian leadership seems to make people around Liberty uneasy. Members of the community FOX4 spoke with on Wednesday were unaware the radio station and its content existed here.

“It’s propaganda,” Linda Tarwater said. “I mean, Russia invaded Ukraine. How can you support that station?”

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Kansas City-area radio station stands firm broadcasting Russian news

LIBERTY, Mo. - A small Clay County radio station broadcasts news and updates from Russia. It's effectively state-run radio from the Kremlin, directly sponsored by the Russian government. Alpine Broadcasting, which is based in Liberty, has owners who said their signal is a service to Russian people living stateside.

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