Kansas City Radio Sputnik Confronts Shut Down: Progressive Censorship Trending?!?

It's unclear how much a low-power local radio station REALLY impacts the local discourse. 

In fact, there's an argument that their broadcasting doesn't really have much influence at all and hand-wringing over their obvious, clumsy and ineffective Russian propaganda actually reflects the intellectual weakness of some American pundits. 

Like so many seemingly fearsome Russian tanks stalled in the mud . . . Hype usually falls apart under the gaze of critical thinkers.

Still, what we've seen over the past few years is a very real "progressive" push to silence any conversation that doesn't comply with Beltway talking points enforced by a handful of social media tech giants. 

What stands out to this blog is the free speech issues at stake . . .

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine rages on, scrutiny of Kremlin-sponsored media like Radio Sputnik continues to mount. And for KCXL owner Pete Schartel, that scrutiny comes in the form of renewed pressure for him to stop broadcasting programming that keeps the radio station in business.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, businesses from around the world have steadily halted dealings with Russia. Roku and DirecTV last week dropped Russian state-controlled RT, formerly known as Russia Today. That caused RT to close its U.S. branch and lay off most American staff members . . .

Schartel called the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB’s) request a “knee-jerk reaction” that trampled KCXL’s freedom of speech and led to a maelstrom of angry calls to the station, labeling Schartel and his wife Jonne as “traitors.”

“If I did (cut the program) we’d be doing exactly the primary thing we criticize the old Soviet Union and other communist regimes of doing where they don’t allow free speech,” Schartel said.

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A Missouri radio station still broadcasts Kremlin programming, even as Russia invades Ukraine

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, so do broadcasts of what critics decry as Kremlin-funded propaganda on KCXL, a radio station in Liberty, Missouri. Pressure is mounting for KXCL to end broadcasts that have kept the station in business.