Kansas City Public Schools Mostly Drop COVID Dress Code Mask Mandate

As the world confronts nuclear annihilation . . . COVID doesn't seem so scary anymore.

Accordingly . . . 

Given that "the science" has changed . . . Check local schools attempting play catch-up.

Here are the basics . . .

Families in the district were told about the decision Wednesday night. "We encourage our families to make the decision on masking that is right for them," a spokesperson said. "We know some of our students and employees will feel more comfortable continuing to mask, and we support them.

"Although the district is making this change, Head Start pre-kindergarten students and employees will still remain under a federal mask mandate.

For other KCPS pre-kindergarten classrooms, masks will be optional. "With this change in our mask policy, it's more important than ever that students and employees stay home and get tested if they are sick," the spokesperson said.

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Kansas City Public Schools moves to make masks optional

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, Public Schools will be moving to masks being optional after Thursday's snow day. A spokesperson for KCPS, told KSHB 41 News that the decision to make masking optional comes because of the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance on masks in schools.