Kansas City Northland Talks New Top Cop

Here's a peek at a worthwhile local conversation that has mostly been rigged and sanitized for mainstream approval. 

TKC Fact Check: Do we really think the Northland will get a say in picking the top cop when council helped to turn their council districts topsy turvy?!?! 

Check this more optimistic take . . .

"Residents gathered Tuesday to discuss the qualities they want to see in the next chief of police — transparency and community engagement were high on the list. Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith retires April 22."

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Northland residents say Kansas City's next police chief should be 'honest and forthright'

Increased community engagement, more interaction with neighborhoods and better transparency with the public - these are some of the qualities that residents want to see in Kansas City's next police chief, according to those who attended a listening session Tuesday night in the Northland.