Kansas City Futurism: Po'folk Plebs Forced To Pedal To Work

The end of the so-called "American Century" concludes with the vast majority of working stiffs biking their way to work.

It's not an inspiring vision but something might be out of our control if so many Bike/Walk activists have their way.

That still doesn't mean we have to like it.

On the bright side . . . At least bike shop owners are making a decent trade from the decline of Western civilization . . .

"Like other shops across the Kansas City area, she says they're still operating on limited inventory because the majority of their bikes and parts are coming from overseas. This also causes problems for people wanting to order a bike due to shipping delays. Customers will also be met with price increases set by manufactures that range from nine to 17%.Despite these challenges, sales at Midwest Cyclery continue to go up and repair orders have doubled since the start of the pandemic and peak season hasn’t even started. Midwest Cyclery says interest in biking picked up a lot during the pandemic and thinks gas prices are going to push that demand even further."

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Kansas City bike shop notices uptick in foot traffic due to high gas prices

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Gas prices are impacting everyone and because of this, bike shops in Kansas City, Missouri, are noticing people pumping the breaks on driving to work and turning to bikes to help them get around town.