Kansas City Fights Global Climate Change By Funding Activists?!?

Make no mistake, there is, in fact, a worsening energy crisis as scarcity is creeping up across the globe.

However . . . It's unclear if a few solar panels, a few miles of streetcar and bike lanes are going to fix it.

Instead . . . 

What we notice is that local leaders are offering support, financing and greater access to progressive activists ahead of campaign season.

Here's the paper work that will justify it . . . 

"That’s where Kansas City’s Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan comes in, geared towards a new energy future."

Thinking about what happened a year ago in Texas with cold weather causing burnouts and blackouts in Kansas City," Platt said. "That's something we're trying to avoid."

Included in the plan is a new solar farm at the airport, zero emission transit and more walking and bicycle access. The city says community input is necessary for executing it." We welcome everyone to the table here and hope that we can include as many people as possible in this process," Platt said."

This passage is actually more important because it's basically a bit of voter harvesting . . .

One organization vying for a seat at that table is the Sunrise Movement.

"We’re a movement of young people, we believe that this is our future," Laela Zaidi said.

The Sunrise Movement says it is actively pursuing seats on the city’s climate plan steering committee to represent all identities and lived experiences.

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Kansas City presents Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan to public

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There's a key priority unfolding at City Hall in Kansas City, Missouri. "We are striving to be one of, if not the most progressive and aggressive cities in the country when it comes to fighting climate change," KCMO City Manager Brian Platt said.