Kansas City Fashionistas Fight For Rights

Today The Pitch posts a worthwhile glimpse at hotties standing up for themselves and finding solidarity online in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement.

The fashion game can be risky for young ladies and hopefully this association will offer resources for so many young women lured into the shady world of online modeling . . .

In January 2022, they launched the Models & Artist Advocacy Council (MAAC), a Kansas City-based non-profit organization “focused on providing education, advocacy, and resources to prevent and fight predatory behavior in the world of fashion.”

By the time this story hits newsstands, the group will have launched a new website with links to donate, volunteer, or find information on MAAC events. The latter will come in the form of educational sessions designed to provide resources for models, photographers, designers, hair and makeup artists, and anyone else working in greater Kansas City fashion.

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It's all about boundaries, baby

Founders of MAAC. // Photo by Travis Young In February 2021, Bianca Alonzo, a model and self-described "numbers person," launched a survey designed for and shared with several of her peers in the Kansas City fashion industry. Her goal was to gather enough responses to gauge the prevalence of sexual misconduct in the local scene.