Kansas City 'Defund The Police' Double Down

This report deserves a clarification because it's garbage . . . 

Already Mayor Q wants to loot more cash from police and put it in a slush fund. Meanwhile, even more radical anti-police forces push against any support for law enforcement.

Most importantly . . . 

All of this is an attempt to move the "Overton Window" and shift the public conversation and criticism away from a historic effort to shift police funding.

Of course . . . Local state-sponsored donation-based progressive media is featuring their perspective:

Mayor Quinton Lucas wants to use the extra money to create a community policing and prevention fund. But residents like John Simpson, a member of the local social justice organization MORE2, don’t think the police should get any of it.

“We've kept putting more and more money into more officers,” Simpson says. “Our crime rate doesn't really change and we still have a police department that doesn't measure up.”

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Kansas City plans to give more money to a police force that some locals say 'doesn't measure up'

The Kansas City Police Department is slated to get $269 million in the upcoming fiscal year, by far the most of any city agency. That's $33 million more than the state law requirement that the department receive at least 20% of the city's general fund.