Johnson County Conservative School Board Takeover Reconsidered

Actually, this doesn't seem so horrible . . . Concerned parents and A MARINE VETERAN have become interested in public education.

Essentially, if we remove ourselves from partisan slap fighting, this is good news because community engagement is a big part of American democracy.

However . . .

Don't get giddy . . .

The endless slog of school board politics has BROKEN some very strong people given that budget battles, union demands and a series of endless crisis situations continue long after cable news pundits move on to more exciting topics. 

Here's an overview . . .

The board approved Nick Robinson, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a father of four, to fill one of two seats left vacant by more liberal members who recently resigned from the divided board.

“I have no background with school district operations,” Robinson wrote in his application for the position. “It was only when the schools started locking down, forced masking and forced removal of healthy children from school that I became involved and an advocate for the kiddos and their parents!”

The school board shifted majority conservative following the November election, where four board members won seats after campaigning against mask mandates and for the removal of former Superintendent Pam Stranathan. The superintendent resigned before the new members took office, with a $425,000 severance package.

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Conservatives add to their majority on Johnson County school board with a new member

The Gardner Edgerton school board on Monday appointed a new board member, a resident who has long fought what he calls the school district's "agenda-based" COVID-19 decisions and criticized the district's former superintendent. The board approved Nick Robinson, a veteran of the U.S.