Jason Pearson Launches Campaign For Jackson County Executive

Jason Pearson worked as a research analyst for Jackson County over the course of 12 years and his experience in local government is the focal point of his campaign. 

Here's a worthwhile quote from his campaign website

"As someone who dealt with personal property taxes, it was difficult to see the vast amount of senior citizens that came in to contest their values because they were on a set income. We have people leaving Jackson County solely because of real estate and personal property taxes. Should those over a certain age be exempt from personal property tax? They are in some states. What about us? Is Jackson County doing anything to help this situation?"

As the cost of living spikes across the nation, talk of taxes will become a major point of contention amid the the upcoming Jackson County campaign season.

Here's what Mr. Pearson has to say . . .

"Assessment and taxes need to be evaluated. It will be hard to find anyone who has more experience in these processes than me in the last 15+ years. Even after leaving Jackson County assessment, I have continued to answer questions and give guidance to those that asked . . . Many feel Jackson County has turned their backs on the tax payers over the years, and that is hard to argue. Real estate values are set to likely increase again this year as a private company has been hired to handle the assessments and will undoubtedly serve as the scapegoat should anything go wrong. Side note: Tax bills usually do not go out until after election time."

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Jason For Jackson County

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