Jackson Mahomes Shares TikTok Smootchies Ahead Of Kansas City Move Out

Please forgive TKC for posting this but stats and comment counts reveal that readers are somehow enthralled by the antics of this online celeb despite, or because of, so much hateration.

Accordingly, here's a peek at the latest cry for attention that has actually worked out well for the 'lil bro of Kansas City's favorite baller who promises to move to LA . . .

"For those unfamiliar with TikTok celebrities, Jackson Mahomes appeared in a clip with BlaneOh, another TikTok influencer, before he left the frame as Mahomes gently shoved him aside to stand next to Dayna Marie. At the end of the brief clip with the three TikTok stars, Mahomes kisses Marie, and the video fades to black."

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Jackson Mahomes sparks relationship rumors after posting frisky TikTok video featuring Instagram model

Patrick Mahomes is living the married life while younger brother Jackson Mahomes is living the single life and making waves in the social media world. Soon after Patrick Mahomes' and Brittany Matthews' wedding in Hawaii, the best man Jackson Mahomes was seen on TikTok in a steamy video with a fellow TikTok star.