Jackson County Redistricting Redux

We covered this hot mess last week.

This morning the Star waters down the threats and hurt feelings. 

What remains is a somewhat worthwhile reminder that LOCAL GOVERNMENT IS OFTEN CONFUSED. 

Meanwhile . . .

It's going to be hard to get "the Latino community" energized about this bit of political inside baseball given a dearth of grassroots support concern or regard for the shenanigans of the courthouse.

Still . . .

This bit of screwed up election procedure is worth watching . . .

Because the maps had been approved so late, the county legal department ruled that Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 22, that the old maps approved in 2011 would remain in effect until the next county legislative election four years from now.

“There was not time to get them in place prior to this year’s filing, which opened today,” deputy county counselor Jay Hayden told legislators, “so these maps will be effective for the ‘26 general election and primary election, actually.”

Six days later, Hayden and his boss, county counselor Bryan Covinsky, reversed themselves. The new maps would apply, after all, the decision made after the reapportionment committee had written a sternly worded letter saying the new maps were the only maps that could be used, according to the county charter.

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Redrawn Jackson County districts upend election campaigns for some candidates

Geoff Gerling was one of the first Democrats last fall to announce he was running for a seat on the Jackson County legislature. But now, due to a delayed and, as some contend, bungled attempt to draw new district maps, Gerling isn't sure whether he might represent the 1st or 4th districts, should he prevail in the August primary and go on to win in November's general election.