I Didn't Know Rita Chang Was A Missouri Latino Leader!!! BIENVENIDOS!!!

Here's a quick peek at a great trick from mainstream media AND politicos on both sides of the aisle: They attempt to pick & choose leaders for communities without much evidence of popular support. 

If we wanted to be clinical we could talk about the "agenda setting function" of media but most of this is just good old-fashioned elitism.

The topic in question is voter ID and the reality is that the issue doesn't resonate with Latino communities as much as progressives would like us to believe . . .  Still, here's an overview of the topic with good data to support sketchy conclusions . . .

Currently, voters can present a variety of different forms of identification at the polls, including some that don’t include a photo, like a utility bill or voting card. Requiring a photo ID would have a disproportionate and harmful impact on the state’s Hispanic population . . .

About 137,700 registered voters in Missouri did not have a state-issued identification in 2017, according to an analysis from the Secretary of State’s Office.

Another 140,000 voters had expired IDs and 2,000 more voters had forfeited their driver’s licenses.

Now, let's not forget that TKC is by far the most widely read Latino political blogger in the entire American Midwest . . . It's a dubious honor and I didn't really have any competition to overcome . . . Still, I should be at least somewhat aware of the people who claim to be leading me.

Sadly, none of the folks on the Zoom call suffered by Guv Parson stood out. 

What we learned . . .

"Rita Chang, is a community organizer with the advocacy nonprofit Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America."

That sounds cool. Even better, according to KCUR and several publication supported by Missouri progressive political donors . . . She's a leader of my community.

And again, all that we can say is: 


I learn so many things by reading local news and this morning it was fun to meet my new boss. Now I have to go tell my cousins and all my fellow Latinos in Kansas City who have no idea who any of these people are . . . Even though they're supposed to be "leaders" defined by some white lady planning another embarrassing election defeat for the Missouri Democratic Party.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Hispanic leaders ask for Missouri governor's support in fighting voter ID laws

Six years ago, Sal Valadez's mother decided she wanted to take a U.S. citizenship test after living in the country for more than 60 years. "I said, 'Mom, you're 80 years old. Your English isn't fantastic. Why?'" said Valadez, co-chair of the language access committee with the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition.