Hecklers Taunt Jackson County Exec Frank White In Brookside

Here's a worthwhile bit of citizen media reporting from weekend festivities.

It seems that the fan base of a Kansas City baseball legend doesn't have the same respect for this politico's record as an elected official.

Here's the word sent our way overnight . . .

Thought you should know that our incompetent dear leaders were all on parade Saturday in Brookside.  At the corner of Meyer and Main, Frank White got heckled pretty badly by two Irish-looking women.  One was in her 40s - the other 70-ish.  They started yelling “lower our taxes Frank” and “don’t raise the taxes!”.  The crowd went silent and was shocked.  He yelled back “I don’t have control over that”.  They were yelling “yes you do!  Don’t raise the taxes!”

Brookside is going to be in for a real awakening come 2023.

Given that most of the crowd is drunk at St. Paddy's events, this sounds about right. The story also rings true as one of the many fun reactions local politicos encounter/endure whilst engaging the public.

Developing . . .