Thanks to the leadership of 12th & Oak or lack thereof, Kansas City voters are basically back in the same place we were a year ago.

There's a bitter argument over police funding, a proposed slush fund and criticism over lack of "local control" of KCPD.

Here's what we notice . . . 

It's comical that most local media spend so much of their effort attempting to "debunk" and "fact check" the term "defund" because it's so effective and devastating to local anti-police arguments. 

Heck, even Prez Biden has walked away from the "defund" effort.

Meanwhile . .  

Our blog crew is the only local news outlet to point out that Mayor Q's "community policing & prevention fund" hasn't presented a budget to the public which pretty much makes it a SLUSH FUND despite unwritten promises to spend it on police salaries.

Make no mistake . . . A promise from city hall without legally binding obligations is nothing more than an insult and a waste of oxygen.

Accordingly . . .

We're also entertained at Kansas City efforts to tamp down rhetoric against police but maintain street cred with urban voters.

Check this bit of rhetoric tap dancing from Council lady Melissa Robinson . . .

We posit that the converse is also true. 

Supporting funding for police and accountability from elected officials DOES NOT mean that we don't value the lives and safety of residents -- in neighborhoods where African-American people are the majority -- And throughout Kansas City. 

Sadly, local news would like to convince the public otherwise rather abandoning culture war rhetoric and having an honest conversation about allocations. 

Further reading from both sides . . .

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