End Game: Kansas City Radio Daze?!?

A fact of life that doesn't inspire any joy in our hearts . . . We grew up on background music and talk and we notice the current epoch in communication requires far more active engagement. 

Nevertheless . . . Terrestrial radio is quickly nearing its end game and nobody bothered to tell quite a few locals still on the air. 

The best radio personalities focus on their social media game and realize the transition is already sending quite a few careers to into the wasteland of life without corporate sponsorship.

Meanwhile, some of the smartest people we know are only grabbing a few minutes of radio for news and then spend most of their time enjoying satellite channels for music.

Accordingly . . .

Special thanks to www.TonysKansasCity.com readers for sending this latest local ratings link. . .

Kansas City - Nielsen Audio PPM Monthly Ratings

Kansas City (Market #34) -- Population: 1,791,000