Downtown Kansas City Baseball Stadium Could Solve MLB Strike?!?


However . . .

It's amusing to read the newspaper argue for MLB higher wages with a bit of twisted logic that totally ignores their hype for a new Kansas City baseball honcho not so long ago.

Their hot take imagines collective bargaining in a way that's completely unimportant and might not speak to the vast majority of Kansas City residents who might think that ballers & their bosses are getting to much attention from policy makers.

Here's the only snippet worth considering . . .

Owners have manipulated service time of younger players for years. Players with three years or less in the big leagues deserve better compensation than they’re getting, and most minor league players are paid poverty-level wages. The player’s union wants to fix the competitive balance of the league. Nothing wrong with all that.

To hear these billion-dollar owners tell it, times are hard. The last five years have been difficult from a revenue standpoint, they claim. But in 2019, the season before a global health emergency caused economic distress everywhere, league revenue increased for a 17th straight year, including a record $10.7 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

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