Debating Missouri Police Budget Crackdown Against Kansas City

Actually, we can debate this all we'd like . . . IF/WHEN Missouri politicos can get a police funding increase on the ballot, it'll pass overwhelmingly.

Here's a glimpse at the reasoning that'll go over easily amongst red state voters . . .

Missouri Senate Majority Whip Tony Luetkemeyer, a Parkville Republican, has pushed for the state legislature to pass a law increasing the amount of money Kansas City is required to dedicate to police — since it's a state-appointed board, not city leaders, who control the KCPD.

As Luetkemeyer wants to keep it that way: "What is being promoted in City Hall is the notion of local political control... whether or not we believe that the largest police department in the state of Missouri should be controlled by politicians in City Hall in Kansas City. And my answer to that is absolutely not."

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Should Kansas City be forced to give even more money to police?

The retirement of Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith comes after years of bitter debates over police conduct and funding. Missouri state Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer has defended how a state-appointed board controls the KCPD, and is now calling for Missouri to require even more city funding for police.