Debating Kansas City Police Defund Part Deux

The mayor is attempting to loot the Kansas City police budget once again. . . This time around we notice a bit less shock and more support from local MSM.

Meanwhile . . .

Missouri Republicans in Jeff City are prepping a full court press to block Mayor Q's latest budget gambit that was shut down last time around by a local judge.

Here's a more sympathetic report . . .

"The proposed budget increase would increase Kansas City Police Department's yearly funding to $269 million. City Council members and residents, though, have concerns."

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Kansas City Mayor Lucas wants $33 million to bolster KCPD's community policing

An ordinance proposed by Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas to establish a $33 million community policing and prevention fund for the Kansas City Police Department drew opposition from residents and some council members at Wednesday's Finance, Governance, and Public Safety Committee meeting.