Critics Celebrate ‘Somebody Somewhere’ Vision Of Eclectic Kansas

Subscriber Internets TV offers a newsflash to the rest of the world . . . There's a vibrant LGBT community in Kansas.

This "revelation" shouldn't surprise locals but our MSM friends are dumbfounded that their urge to discount the entire Midwest is actually kind of insulting to people just like them. 

Meanwhile . . . 

The useful part of this article offers inspiration for future TV watching and content that isn't just about Gen-Z using A LOT of drugs and banging it out.

Here's a worthwhile line . . .

Unfashionable places such as Kansas – “one of the square ones in the middle,” coastal acquaintances have said to me with a smile and a shrug – are often portrayed by Hollywood and news headlines as a homogenous expanse of “uneducated,” white, straight, cis-gendered conservatives who are cooking meth or terrorizing outsiders.

Perhaps that is because most of those employed as storytellers or gatekeepers in film, television or the national media industry have led urban lives geographically removed from regions condescendingly known as “flyover country.” I have been a journalist for 20 years and have never once, to my knowledge, worked with another journalist who had direct experience of rural life or agricultural labor, not to mention economic poverty in any setting.

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From Kansas, with love: like it or not, my home defies stereotypes

ne Saturday last fall, my husband and I bought an antique clawfoot bathtub in Manhattan, Kansas. After loading it from a stranger's backyard into the bed of our truck, we walked to The Chef, a downtown diner, figuring we might be seated quickly with half the town tailgating at the Kansas State University football game.