Some might disagree with this report but deniers of pandemic news are rarely doctors and it's probably best not to take medical advice from random doods online.

Conspiracy theories, political posturing and trolling aside, here's the story and what might be a reason that we'll be seeing masks in public for quite some time and continued precautions:

Global daily deaths have been dropping quickly over the past month, down from about 11,000 a day in the second week of February to about 7,000 a day now -- one of the lowest rates reported over the past year.

But the loss is still immense, with about 1 million deaths recorded over the past four months.

About 1 in every 1,300 people globally has died of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, and experts have said official death tolls are likely an undercount.

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Global Covid-19 deaths surpass 6 million

The global Covid-19 death toll surpassed 6 million on Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.