Could Former Prez Trump Endorsement Push Greitens Over The Top?!?

The disgraced former Governor is clearly causing the Missouri GOP more than a bit of concern as election season moves closer.

Here's a peek at their problems growing even worse and more insight into why MAGA loves a Missouri political outsider . . .

Those close to Trump say his attraction to Greitens largely centers on the former governor’s scorched-earth attacks on McConnell. While Greitens has made his opposition to McConnell a centerpiece of his campaign, other Missouri candidates haven’t taken that step. Trump aides point out that while at CPAC, state Attorney General Eric Schmitt declined to say whether he’d vote against McConnell. Another contender, Rep. Billy Long , recently met with McConnell to talk about the race.

Trump advisers say there is also a more personal dimension to his interest. Some in Trump’s orbit have made the case to the former president that there are parallels between the New York attorney general’s investigation into his company’s finances and the St. Louis prosecutor’s inquiry into allegations that Greitens took a nude picture of his hairdresser without her consent and threatened to release it if she divulged their affair. Greitens, who left office after top Missouri Republicans called on him to step down, has attempted to portray himself as the victim of a liberal prosecutor bent on destroying him.

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Trump's McConnell obsession leads him toward Eric Greitens

The moment illustrates how Greitens - who resigned as governor in 2018 after his hairdresser accused him of sexually assaulting her - has gained favor with Trump and some in his inner circle. Greitens has staunchly aligned himself with the former president, become a favorite of the pro-Trump media universe, and distinguished himself as one of the few Republican Senate candidates willing to speak out against McConnell.

Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens is working to win over Trump by attacking Mitch McConnell, report says

Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens is trying to win Trump's support by attacking McConnell. Greitens is mounting a political comeback four years after a scandal led to him resigning as governor. Politico reports that Trump is intrigued by Greitens' anti-McConnell stance and his strong poll numbers.

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