This time around Northland political slap fighting is simply not as much fun.

Remember in 2019 there was widespread angst over a pricey Keurig machine that set the courthouse back 600 BUCKS!!!

Now, the perks, payoffs and overspending is endemic. 

Sadly, it doesn't seem like social media bullies made much of an impact after YEARS of complaints . . .

"Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway's audit of the previous Clay County Commission found instances of waste, secrecy and generous benefits to certain employees, among other findings."

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Long-awaited, blistering audit of Clay County government cites waste, secrecy and other abuses

The Missouri Auditor's long-awaited audit of Clay County described how former commissioners wasted public resources and cloaked those activities in layers of secrecy. Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway presented the audit, a document spanning 162 pages, to the Clay County Commission in Liberty on Wednesday.

Missouri auditor Nicole Galloway rates Clay County 'poor' in audit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri auditor Nicole Galloway released her long-awaited audit of Clay County Wednesday, rating the county's operations as "poor." A summary of the 162-page report outlined 11 specific areas, ranging from board meetings to contract approvals, as well as compensation policies and procurement procedures.

MO auditor: Clay County spent millions it won't get back due to two former commissioners

LIBERETY, Mo. - A four-year audit into the Clay County Commission has finally been released. It's recommending the county significantly improve its operations in the future. Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway started her investigation into the commissioners in December 2018.

Clay County receives lowest rating possible in citizen requested state audit

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway gave Clay County a "poor" audit rating, citing years of mismanagement by former county leaders.A poor rating is the lowest rating given by the state auditor's office.The county's new administration says it's already working to fix many of the 11 findings of concern Galloway highlighted in the audit her office released Wednesday afternoon.Clay County citizens requested a state audit of county leadership in 2018.

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