Clay Chastain Hopes To Save Kansas City From Rising Gas Prices

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US gas prices skyrocket since start of Russia-Ukraine war — with no end in sight

Accordingly, Kansas City's most prolific transit activist shares his plan.

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Clay Chastain: As volatile oil prices and automobile costs soar, a new Kansas City petition initiative is poised to offer dramatic relief to transportation-poor Kansas City!

Residents in American cities, including Kansas City, need an antidote to the rising costs of private transportation that is not only fueling rising inflation but also reducing America's quality of life.

A new citizen initiative is on its way that focuses on providing the people of Kansas City a new environmentally-friendly alternative transportation system that will reduce transportation costs, help people stay healthier and improve our City's urban quality of life.

Kansas City's "Greenway Transportation Initiative", proposes to construct a Citywide network of "Greenways" (car-free corridors with separate lanes for quick quiet electric transit / bicycles / pedestrians) that will connect to all major destinations, employment centers and neighborhoods.  Residents of Kansas City will be able to greatly reduce their car usage / costs, carbon emissions and driving hassles by moving about the City on new alternative and convenient forms of transportation. Highlights of the plan include:

1. New 22-mile "Monorail Greenway" (quiet, rapid, driverless) connects the northland to the southland, with direct service to......Kansas City's new airport / employment center, the Northland, Downtown, Union Station Hub and the Plaza.

2. New 12-mile "Ultra Light Rail Greenway" (wireless, battery-powered) serves the eastside and operates along the entire length of Troost Ave (and connects to a new Union Station Hub).

3. New All-Electric Bus System (phases out City's fossil fuel-powered buses) upgrades our bus system and improves air quality.

4. New Citywide Greenway Network (as described above) also spurs new (targeted) residential and commercial development around its corridors. * This newly created density will further boost the transportation value (increased transit ridership) of the Greenway.

5. New Union Station Regional Transportation Center facilitates connections between multiple modes of transportation including...Amtrak, regional express buses, the City's new electric bus system, Downtown streetcar, Eastside's Ultra Light Rail and the KCI to Plaza Monorail.

Note: If approved by KC voters this November, The 'Greenway Transportation Initiative" has a very good chance of securing significant federal infrastructure / transit funds ($47 billion available in the Infrastructure Bill Congress recently approved).

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