Center School District School Board Election Ethics Push Back Fact Check

This week we posted a note about a south side school board election that garnered a surprising amount of attention. 

Because most of our colleagues are busy fighting for social justice (lulz) . . . There really isn't anybody else in town covering this stuff so any info tends to stand out to those that it concerns.

Accordingly . . .

We've had about a half a dozen people reach out asking us to post the other side of the story. 

The main point that most of these folks wanted to get across . . .  

"We did our due diligence, reviewed our board policies, spoke to each individual board member and our superintendent, as well as  counseled with the legal department of The Missouri School Boards Association, explained the situation, and expressed our concerns. Legal council referred us to the policies previously reviewed and informed us, as long as we are following district policies there is no violation."

Here's a more detailed perspective . . . 

Recent opinion piece on Center School District

I am writing as there are a couple of statements that are misleading.

It is legal for a board member to work for a third party contracted by the school. It is not a MO Ethics breach. I confirmed it with an attorney before I began substituting in Center. All that is required is a disclosure to be filed & I would recuse myself from votes around said contract. (It is a moot point as I no longer work there).

Teachers on the board:

2 Former Center teachers

-One elementary art teacher
-Myself, a middle school reading & science teacher
-1 Former administrator

The fourth "teacher" that was mentioned had a very brief stint in education and now runs a Non-profit organization. I would not classify someone who has not had a teaching career as a "teacher". I do think it would be valuable to have a former high school teacher on the board. But, both are just a personal opinion.

What am I doing to serve personal interests? I am volunteering my time (a considerable amount of it, to serve the students of Center)

It appears that this article is written to create concern over two board members who are actively questioning the recommendations of administrators rather than approving everything. It is the boards duty to act as oversight.

Is the real problem that board members are thinking critically and not just taking the word of people who do benefit monetarily from the district? Should we not be asking questions prior to approving something?

I am attempting to better our school district to the best of my ability.


You decide . . .