Celebrate More Deets On Lenten Kansas City Fish Fry Season

Local Catholics dominate this season of trans fat and nitrates freely distributed with a prayer and a smile. 

Meanwhile, TKC merely checks all tortillas for images of our Lord & Savior . . . The prepackaged fare from El Choppo usually contains at least three divine imprints.

Take a closer look at the tradition . . .

"This also kicks off the start of the Lenten “fish fry” season at many local Catholic churches where folks are welcome to come and enjoy hot, crunchy, battered and fried fish for a heck of a good price. A great local list for 2022 can be found here, but if you’re looking to dine out during Lent and meat is off the menu, you’ve got fish dishes galore to choose from."

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Where to find Lenten dishes across Kansas City in 2022

After the rich food and beverage offerings of Fat Tuesday are done, the start of Lent may seem stark by comparison with many Catholics pledging to go alcohol-, sugar- or meat-free on Fridays in observance.