Block TKC Commenters If You Don't Like'em

Last year we dedicated some of the paltry revenue from this blog into finding a better comment system. 

The price cut into our coffee budget but we've noticed a remarkable improvement and a few others have taken note as well.


Nothing is perfect. 

We didn't like the continued trolling amongst "trusted" users who targeted their political opponents. 

Thankfully, there's an attempt at a fix that should allow another slight improvement in the conversation.

Now, readers can block either "MatterDaddy" or "AK" if they don't want to argue respectfully.

We're sharing this note sent our way and thank both guest & trusted commenters . . . 

BTW . . . If you want to be a trusted commenter, it's still free for now . . . Just send us an e-mail and if you're not too much of a troll we'll give you a tryout.

From Disqus

We’re excited to announce a very exciting update that should lead to safer communities and quality conversations.  Starting today, we’re rolling out bi-directional blocking across the Disqus network of publishers.

What is “bi-directional blocking?”

The new blocking experience not only removes a blocked user’s comments and profile page from your view, but also removes your comments and profile page from their view as well—i.e., users who choose to use the block option can do so to effectively end interaction between them and users they block. Our intention is to provide users with greater control over their safety experience.  

How is this different than before?

Previously, if User A blocked User B, User A couldn’t see User B’s comments, but User B could still see and interact with User A’s comments. With the new update, User A and User B both won’t be able to view or interact with each other’s comments or profile pages.

We’ve listened to users’ feedback to design a safety experience more in-line with other platforms and applications around the web, ensuring quality and civil social experiences for everyone.


Developing . . .