BikeWalkKC Wants To Ruin Streets Throughout The Metro

In the name of greater "mobility" and a delusion which claims their saving the planet from all of the evil SUV drivers, a small cadre of cycling advocates seeks to transform the local landscape.

Here's their pitch . . .

In 2021, BikeWalkKC, a nonprofit organization in Kansas City, MO, worked with a coalition of advocates across Kansas City to successfully repeal several of these laws. In collaboration with the national Safe Routes Partnership, the organizations have co-authored a resource guide for other groups interested in advocating for the repeal or modification of similar laws in their communities.

The collaborative publication “Taking on Traffic Laws: A How-To Guide for Decriminalizing Mobility” provides a detailed account of BikeWalkKC’s process, and the approaches that worked and failed. They want the guide to serve as a tool and road map for other groups to use as they advocate for a safer environment for Black and Brown travelers.

Not-so-fun fact . . . 

This group is a small non-profit and doesn't really speak for any minority community despite their activist claims. 

In fact, it's worth noting that their social justice pose is more than a bit phony given that East side leaders are rejecting a plan to inundate their community with bike lanes and have sought veto power.

Also, just to be clear . . . It's pure fantasy that local police are regularly hassling cyclists.

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Press Release: BikeWalkKC and Safe Routes Partnership unveil "Taking on Traffic Laws" guide and webinar

March 9, 2022 Marisa Jones 610-428-4827 BikeWalkKC and Safe Routes Partnership unveil "Taking on Traffic Laws: a How-To Guide for Decriminalizing Mobility" with a webinar on April 20 In communities across the United States, there are laws that criminalize the simple acts of walking and biking.