Artificial Intelligence Powers Kansas City Tech Future?!?

A local biz dude is bullish on AI and the future for this cowtown as we work toward the singularity.

All of this might mean better sex robots in time for next Valentine's Day . . . Or just another round of "silicon prairie" hype.

Either way, there will, in fact, be many people who will continue to cash in on local tech whilst skeptics and Luddites will watch the world pass by at an ever-quickening pace . . . 

To be fair, it would be easier to believe in artificial intelligence if local examples of human intelligence weren't so hard to find.

Here's the pitch . . .

“Our region has deep subject matter expertise in critical fi bcnelds like logistics, think Kansas City Southern; like telecom, think Sprint and T-Mobile; IOT, think Garmin; finance, think American Century and DST; like marketing technology, think VML and Hallmark; like enterprise software, think Cerner. I can think of no other city in the country where I could walk down the street of my neighborhood and have a highly technical discussion with an expert in any one of these fields any day of the week,” said Jason Delker, Torch.AI’s new Chief Product Officer “As an environment to actually apply advanced AI to these problem sets in this type of friendly, hard-working community is extraordinary.”

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"Kansas City Will Revolutionize AI," Says Torch.AI Chief Product Officer Jason Delker

"The unique dynamics of the region are paving the way for a new era of machine learning," says Jason "Delk" Delker, Torch.AI's new Chief Product Officer, a technology pioneer responsible for more than 150 patents. "Much of the world of artificial intelligence is still academic.