Are We Getting Closer To Dissolving The Kansas City Public School District?!?

We've talked about Missouri legislation targeting our recently "fully accredited" schools earlier in the year, now here are more deets about pending legislation that could change the course of public education in Kansas City.

The political intrigue is somewhat interesting whereas most residents across all demographic lines have walked away from the KCPS en masse. Still, the policy deserves a peek . . .

One bill, HB 1552, would update the funding model that dictates how much school districts must give to charter schools within their jurisdiction. Another bill, HB 1814, would allow students whose families pay a certain amount in taxes to attend any school district of their choosing.

Both bills loom large for the Kansas City region, where charter schools are plentiful and school districts tend to be compact and their boundaries easily crossed.

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Missouri legislature considers bills to alter charter school funding and allow student transfers

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