Alleged Unruly Passenger Attempted Escape After Forcing Plane To Land At KCI

The unfriendly skies of Kansas City earned more attention today after additional charges were leveled against a dude who took a coffee pot to the head as passengers, security & flight attendants restrained him during an in-flight ruckus.

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Juan Remberto Rivas Jr., 50, had already been charged with assaulting and intimidating a flight attendant for allegedly trying to hit on board staff and trying to break into the cockpit of the plane, brandishing a wine bottle and plastic knife, during the February incident, according to court documents. He now faces additional charges in Platte County for reportedly assaulting a police officer and attempting to escape custody.

"While escorting Rivas Jr. to a patrol vehicle, Officers attempted to adjust the handcuffs on him to check for proper fit and confirm they were double locked," one court document states. "Rivas Jr. broke free from the left handcuff and began fighting and resisting the Officers on scene by physically pushing them."

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Additional charges brought against man involved in disturbance that diverted flight to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A California man who allegedly caused a disturbance on an American Airlines flight from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles that forced the flight to land in Kansas City is facing additional charges in Platte County regarding the incident.