AGs Schmitt & Schmidt Demand Kansas City Streetcar Unmasked

Public transit is the last battleground in the COVID dress code fight.

Today, two top ranking Heartland politicos took aim at the policy amid their campaigns for higher office. 

Here's part of their argument . . .

“It’s far past time for the mask mandate on public transportation to be rescinded. The Biden Administration and the CDC have no authority to force people to wear masks on flights or on buses,” Schmitt said.

In the complaint, the attorneys general state that the CDC has made "unprecedented" assertions of power using a statute aimed to stop the spread of COVID-19 by "identifying, isolating and destroying the disease itself." The complaint claims that this statute does not allow for economy-wide mask requirements,

"The administration’s recent decisions to extend it for yet another month has left us little choice but to turn to the courts for relief,” Schmidt said.

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KS, MO attorneys general file multi-state federal lawsuit against public transportation mask mandate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas and Missouri attorneys general, Derek Schmidt and Eric Schmitt, have joined 19 other states in a federal lawsuit against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's mask mandate on public transportation. "It's far past time for the mask mandate on public transportation to be rescinded.

Missouri AG dismisses lawsuit over Kansas City mask mandate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has dropped a lawsuit over Kansas City's previous mask mandate. Court documents show the dismissal was filed March 18 and was voluntary. But since it was dismissed without prejudice, the lawsuit could be refiled at a later date if Schmitt decides to do so.

You decide . . .