Tragic New Hotness For Heartland: Heroin & Fentanyl

During this dark winter things are looking even more grim for families impacted by drug abuse.

COVID has worsened the nation's drug problem.

Meanwhile . . . It's painfully obvious that American law enforcement in its current configuration is unable to curtail the supply of drugs from across the border OR from illicit domestic suppliers which often have corporate political connections. 


Truth be told, it's hard to find any family in the nation that isn't somehow connected to horrific loss and heart breaking struggles with addiction. 

Here's a peek at the local angle that's powered by international cartels and explosive demand for narcotics that only seems to be growing amid worsening economic hardship . . .

Back in 2018 when prescription drugs like oxycodone became less available to the general public, many switched to other opioids like heroin and fentanyl. But it wasn't until last year when the Ozark Drug Enforcement team began to notice a large uptick of the situation.

"About two years ago we were probably seizing I think about 200 grams of fentanyl, the Ozark Drug Enforcement team was. Last year they seized 1,785 grams."

And with more fentaynl on the streets, there's bigger chances for fatal consequences.

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Fentanyl on the rise in Missouri and Kansas

JOPLIN, Mo. - Strong narcotics like fentanyl are being seen more in Missouri and that doesn't exclude our metro area. "Unfortunately fentanyl is a lot easier to get than some of those other drugs, so I think you're seeing a rapid rise in fentanyl," said Sloan Rowland, Ozark Drug Enforcement Team Chairman and Joplin Police Cheif.