Show-Me Second Amendment Protection Act Showdown Redux

A preview of the week ahead . . .

Locals remain mired in a ridiculous circular gun control argument . . .

Strident progressives blame guns for crime whilst many conservatives argue in favor of firearm freedom in order to protect families from the danger of heavily-armed urban denizens. 

Meanwhile, most voters realize that ALL OF THIS IS MERELY POLITICAL THEATER designed to confuse low IQ voters and stall any real progress on solutions.

Here's an apt summary of the ongoing court fight . . .

A lower court judge rejected the challenge to the law brought by St. Louis city and county and Kansas City officials last August, but officials appealed to the higher court.

The gun law has drawn strong opposition from a number of police departments across the state, and federal law enforcement officials have said it hampers criminal investigations and hurts cooperation between federal and local investigators.

The cities say in their appeal that the law could also prevent state and local officers from participating in important task forces with federal officials.

State officials who are defending the law argue that it is necessary to prevent federal officials from trying to enforce new gun control measures.

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State high court to hear challenge to Missouri gun law

ST. LOUIS - The Missouri Supreme Court is set to hear arguments Monday over whether a new state law forbidding local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws is constitutional.

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