Public radio shares ominous reporting of what should be considered good news.

To be fair, Missouri Republicans ending COVID pretty much destroys Democratic Party campaign strategy over the past couple of election cycles . . . Again, this is a good thing because the super-minority hasn't been very successful in their misguided efforts to become THE PARTY OF PLAGUE.

Always remember this . . . Missouri Democrats are SO VERY HAPLESS that even with Prez Trump serving as the boogie man and race riots across the state and the nation . . . They suffered a STATEWIDE SWEEP IN 2020 . . . A year when the Democratic Party took both the Congress & the Senate in D.C. -- And so smart readers would from all sides of the political spectrum would be well-served by taking Missouri "progressive" ranting a little less seriously.

Here's the word . . .

"Documents show that by mid-March, Missouri’s public health agencies would transition to treat the virus as endemic, like it does the seasonal flu, without daily reporting of COVID-19 cases and deaths."

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Missouri plotting to declare official 'end' to COVID-19 pandemic as soon as March

The state of Missouri is planning an official end to the COVID-19 pandemic as a public health crisis and will transition to treating the virus as endemic, much like it does the seasonal flu.