Show-Me Guv Parson Rebuke Over 'Christian Values' Quote

The Missouri Guv suffered an embarrassing loss this week after right-wing protesters shut down one of his appointees amid COVID anti-vaxx arguments.

Now, in a sign of worsening GOP division, his colleagues are dunking on him over a clumsy statement:

In announcing Kauerauf's resignation on Tuesday, Parson wrote in a statement: “Don is a public health expert that is on record opposing masking requirements and COVID-19 vaccine mandates. He is outspokenly pro-life and morally opposed to abortion. Missourians know that I share these beliefs and would not have nominated someone who does not share the same Christian values.”

The statement prompted some to wonder if only Christians need apply for top-level jobs in the Parson administration.

“I’m curious Governor, is this a standard you traditionally use?” Republican state Rep. Adam Schwadron of St. Charles wrote on Twitter. “Article VI of the US Constitution strictly prohibits a religious test as a qualification to any office or public trust. Considering that, I then must ask the question. Would someone who is Jewish, such as myself, be considered for nomination?”

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Missouri governor's 'Christian values' statement questioned

(AP) --- Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has no "litmus test for appointments," his spokeswoman said Friday, despite a statement earlier in the week indicating he would only nominate a state health director who shared his "Christian values." The Republican governor, a Baptist, was angered after the Missouri Senate effectively ousted Donald Kauerauf as director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.