Tonight Missouri Republicans suffer an embarrassing loss that reveals deep division within their own party.

Officially, this goes down as a victory for anti-vaxxers but, as always, there's more to this story.

Remember that our blog was the FIRST local outlet to talk about reports of grassoots opposition to this dude's candidacy. 

Now, the public smack down is news fact. 

Take a peek at the ruckus . . .

Kauerauf’s hearing was expected to be contentious, and over a 100 protesters gathered at the Capitol in opposition to his appointment holding signs that read “God-given natural immunity” and “We’re not guinea pigs.”

A great quote from Pete Mundo . . . 

 "I don't get some Missouri Republicans dying on this hill. Dude is pro-vax, anti-mask AND vax mandate (he told the MO sen under questioning, "They don’t work."), OK, that's good in my book . . ."

Accordingly . . .

The protesters proved victorious . . .

Read more via news link . . .

Missouri health director's confirmation derailed by anti-vaccine Senate opposition

JEFFERSON CITY - The process to confirm Missouri's health director was derailed early this week, as the state Senate ended their work until next Monday due to winter weather without action on an imminent deadline for confirmation.

Anti-vaccine protesters rally against Senate confirmation of Missouri health director

State health director Donald Kauerauf adamantly spoke against mandating face masks and COVID-19 vaccines during a hearing Monday, as anti-vaccination demonstrators protested his confirmation in the halls outside. While protesters chanted outside the Capitol hearing room, senators inside grilled Kauerauf for nearly two hours on his views on how best to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, his past comments about the vaccination and his position on abortion.

Protesters rally against Missouri's new health director ahead of Senate confirmation

Protesters carried signs describing Don Kauerauf as a tyrant. Kauerauf has repeatedly stated that he doesn't support government mask or vaccine mandates. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Protesters on Monday pushed Missouri senators to vote down Republican Gov. Mike Parson's new state health director over concerns that he's overstepping in his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite his repeated assurances that he opposes mandates.

Missouri health director out following conservative blowback

Missouri senators on Tuesday effectively ousted the new state health director following conservative blowback, despite the health czar's stances against abortion and mask and vaccine mandates.Senators on Tuesday adjourned for the week without taking up Department of Health and Senior Services Director Don Kauerauf's nomination.

Director of Missouri health department resigns following conservative backlash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced Tuesday that he accepted the resignation of Department of Health and Senior Services Director Don Kauerauf after a conservative outcry blocked his confirmation. State senators on Tuesday adjourned for the week without taking up Director Don Kauerauf's nomination.

Missouri governor blaming senators for health director's resignation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Don Kauerauf has resigned as director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, just days before a deadline to be confirmed to the post. Governor Mike Parson said Tuesday afternoon that he accepted Kauerauf's resignation. Anti-vaxxers and those against mask mandates opposed Kauerauf's appointment.

Developing . . .