Schools Across Kansas City Metro Removing COVID Mask Mandates!!!

At the outset of Tuesday we take a peek at what might be the beginning of the end for COVID pandemic dress codes.

Consider . . .


A brief roundup . . .

North Kansas City Schools won't require masking for students starting Friday

Fairway City Council votes to not extend mask mandate

Independence schools drop mask requirement

The Shawnee Mission School Board voted unanimously Monday night to approve a COVID-19 mitigation strategy that could soon make face masks optional for all students.

Blue Valley schools make masks optional for all students

And so . . . 

Notice that we're not seeing as much pushback about what seems like the finale of COVID face coverings and/or the impending end of the world and demise of everyone who doesn't submit to masking orders. 

The reality . . . The prospect of forcing youngsters to mask up year-after-year was simply too dystopian to imagine as infection numbers, thankfully, start to fall. 

To be fair . . . What we've always feared is that there isn't any stigma against students and residents who continue to wear COVID masks.

More importantly, here's something that only smarter TKC readers noticed . . .

Orders from local governments directed only at schools were legally questionable given very little authority and/or funding connection. 

Currently, COVID mask mandates persist at "fully accredited" Kansas City Public Schools but the district has typically always lagged behind every other institution in the metro.

Accordingly, we share the latest look at COVID mask politics and manners that now have many progressives quickly shifting their allegiances . . . Again.

Read more via news links . . .

Amazon and Walmart lift mask rules for vaccinated workers

Amazon and Walmart are no longer requiring fully vaccinated workers to wear masks unless required to do so by state or local mandates, both retailing giants told employees in separate memos. The rollbacks come as more U.S. states lift mask mandates and cases linked to the Omicron variant recede.

COVID: Is it finally time to take your mask off? Here's how to decide

Mask rules are about to change, signaling the end of official oversight of our pandemic behavior. But now it's up to us, not health officials, to decide when masks are needed in most places. A very public act just turned personal.

3M expects to sell fewer Covid-19 masks this year

After seeing sales of medical masks soar during the Covid-19 pandemic, US manufacturer 3M warned Monday that demand is expected to slow sharply this year. The warning echoes that of other companies like vaccine-maker Pfizer and the CVS drugstore chain that have said pandemic-related sales are likely to soften.

Democrats' COVID mask hypocrisy shows contempt for average Americans and they will pay in November

Democrats and double standards have always gone hand-in-hand. But they've never been quite as blatant as we've seen during the pandemic. Last week, photos surfaced of Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams grinning maskless while a classroom full of masked children sat behind her. Two days later, Michigan Rep.

Maskless celebs at Super Bowl spark upset

Celebrities spotted not wearing a mask at Sunday's Super Bowl game were met with cries of "hypocrisy" by some on social media.

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