Scammers Target Kansas City Union Station Holocaust Exhibit

Social media trolls attempt to mislead locals in the last days of this celebrated Kansas City exhibit.

Here's the note from Union Station . . .

"While we would rather not post this warning again, the fake "ticket for sale" comments continue to be posted at a high rate, and we continue to see people respond to those comments in the hope of acquiring tickets for sold out dates," Union Station said on its Facebook page. "We will continue to remove these comments as fast as we see them and again urge caution in purchasing any tickets offered for resale by any third party."

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Union Station warns about false ticket resales for Auschwitz Exhibition

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- For the second time this week, Union Station put out a warning to Kansas Citians about the possibility of fake tickets for its popular and moving Auschwitz Exhibition. Union Station says several fake "ticket for sale" comments are being posted online.