RINO Jack Danforth Desperately Seeking Missouri Spoiler

Late Friday there's a bit of Missouri fiction that's hitting social media courtesy of prog blogs.

As the Missouri GOP slap fights amongst their own minor league . . . An elder statesman of the party attempts to flex on his low-rent colleagues. 

Just as MAGA courts low-rent trolls, bots and foreign agents in order to boost their numbers . . . Elite Missouri Republicans feel left out of the good times and so they buddy up with their rich, highfalutin  Democratic Party pals and imagine themselves as kingmakers. 

Fact is . . . 

The only hope for the Democratic Party to sneak out a win is to spark a great deal of slap fighting betwixt GOP funders. 

Meanwhile . . . 

Conservative biz leaders and elite suits don't need another Fox news contributor who lives to feed the trolls on Twitter . . . Senator Josh Hawley is doing a fine job in that regard.

And so, here's the latest "Never Trump" pitch from conservative, rich white dudes who no longer have much in common with the vast majority of their former constituents . . .

The ideal candidate, Danforth said in an interview Friday, would be someone known to Missourians who accepts that the most important thing the nation needs is someone who wants to soothe partisan divisions paralyzing the government.

“It needs to be a center-right Republican who believes in the basic message, and the basic message is that the project of America is to hold ourselves together and the two parties intentionally are tearing us apart,” Danforth said. “This is our opportunity for Americans to come together regardless of party.”

The poll is being released to attract the interest of potential candidates, not because there is a campaign ready or someone waiting to join the race, Danforth said. He added that he is not interested in being a candidate again.

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Jack Danforth wants to find an independent candidate to run for U.S. Senate in Missouri * Missouri Independent

Former Sen. Jack Danforth is looking for a centrist Republican to run an independent race for the U.S. Senate this year in Missouri - and said Friday there would be "a lot of resources" to help the campaign.