Redistricting Court Fight To Save Kansas Rep. Sharice Coming Soon

Call it gerrymandering or political gamesmanship, either way it's going to court.

The arguments are all kind of silly, off-setting and off-putting.

And so we'd rather focus on a peek at the timeline of the anti-climax and democracy by way of some crusty old judge's office.

Check-it . . .

What decisions will come from lawsuits challenging the map are not known. However, lawyer & KU professor Mark Johnson said the timeline for when legal matters have to be settled is.

"Everything will be finished by early June because there's a federal law that requires that the ballots for Kansans who live overseas and who are in the military have to go out at least 45 days before the primary and the primary takes place on the first Tuesday in August," Johnson said. "So everything's got to be finished by early to middle June."

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Legal battle expected over Kansas congressional redistricting

LAWRENCE, Kan. - A legal battle is expected after Kansas lawmakers approved a new congressional map some groups argue dilutes minority and Democratic votes. Under the new map, Wyandotte County is divided along Interstate 70. The northern portion of the district is moved into the second congressional district and the remaining part of the county is included with Johnson, Franklin, Miami and Anderson Counties.