There are more than 400 MILLION reasons why nobody should feel sorry for Kansas City's favorite QB.

Nevertheless . . . 

A local scribe offers an apt assessment of recent Mahomes drama which casts blame upon Internets denizens and, possibly, forgets that his baby mama & 'lil bro feed the trolls in order to boost their own social media standing.

Still, this fanboi perspective is worth a peek . . .

"Mahomes’ success and talent have now made him the target of endless scrutiny from opposing fans (and sadly some of our own) as well as one of the favorite topics of the NFL’s tabloid-esque media machine. Mahomes’ name generates clicks, and sadly in our society, negative stories generate more clicks than positive ones. If you have a hot take that goes against Mahomes, that’s gold. If you have some kind of angle that puts a chink in his armor, people want to read it. Period."

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Patrick Mahomes' brilliant talent has also made him a target

Patrick Mahomes might just be the best thing to ever come along for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs. The past four years have been historically great. They've had four straight AFC Championship Game appearances. They've made it to two Super Bowls and won one of them, the first championship in 50 years.