On The Record: Lisa Garney Calls Out Sketchy New KCI Contracting

Sadly, the most important interview of the week was buried on a Friday night when most of the plebs are too drunk, tired or distracted to realize the implications.

And so, we direct the attention of faithful TKC readers to this EPIC interview because it features one of the most powerful people in Kansas City calling SHENANIGANS on Mayor Q and the council.

Already we're seeing some confusion from the locals on this topic . . . We'll talk more about it later but for right now let's let this elite power player of Kansas City have her say about a contract she lost thanks to some VERY QUESTIONABLE political maneuvering . . .

G2 Construction owner Lisa Garney brought the issue to the attention of the FAA's Office of Civil Rights who sent a letter to the director of the Kansas City Aviation Department this week.

In the letter, the FAA found the city's aviation department failed to report discrimination complaints, didn't keep records on the participation of women and minorities, and wasn't transparent or accountable for the inclusion of women and minorities.

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Business owner speaks on FAA's findings on how KCI handled complaints

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The business owner who filed a complaint that sparked the Federal Aviation Administration to put the Kansas City Aviation Department on notice is speaking out. "What I hope to gain from this is that some roads are paved so this doesn't happen to women, minorities in the future," said Lisa Garney, who owns G2 Construction in Kansas City.