Newspaper Denounces Sen. Hawley Amid Supreme Affirmative Action Fight

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TKC thinks the affirmative action debate is boring because it was settled decades ago.

The tense compromise that isn't often documented . . . 

Many extreme right-wingers can now add themselves to the list of aggrieved and lament alleged discrimination. Double bonus: We're all allowed to lament missed opportunities for many Asian people but those crocodile tears somehow don't apply to so many Indian tech workers recruited by corporations to undercut home grown coders. 

And whilst the plebs scurry about in a desperate attempt to find a politically viable solution that balances opportunity and prevents discrimination . . . It's much easier just to label EVERYONE as racist and keep chugging along.

Today's insight from the sometimes daily newspaper . . .

Naturally, our own Josh Hawley couldn’t resist biting off a piece of this outrage, pretending that Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign promise to put the first Black woman on the court was in no way akin to Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign promise to put the first woman there.

Our junior senator vented to Sean Hannity, “I believe it to be typical of this administration, which has been the most race-obsessed, gender-obsessed in terms of trying to deconstruct genders, actually. I mean, this is a hard woke left administration. And so, I wasn’t surprised at all when the president said that this is what he’s going to do.’’

Putting a Black woman on the Supreme Court is no more “hard woke left” — whatever that is — than putting another white guy on the court would be “soft sleepy right.” Can’t you wait to see who he nominates before starting in? No, of course.

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Josh Hawley would see any Black woman as a 'hard woke left' choice for Supreme Court

OPINION AND COMMENTARY A Black woman - any Black woman - nominated to fill Stephen Breyer's seat on the U.S. Supreme Court will be "someone who is the beneficiary" of an affirmative action "quota," according to Mississippi Republican Roger Wicker. Sen.