New Kansas City Public Health Honcho Starts Out Playing Politics

Bad news for locals who wanted a change from the current 12th & Oak status quo . . .

In her debut remarks, the new KCMO Health Department Director seems dedicated to politicizing her office just like the old boss . . . Dr. Rex. 

What's worse is that even the most faint criticism of any public official during this COVID epoch in American history is tantamount to a hate crime.

Proof about the political bent of this "rising star" politico . . . Check the tacit anti-gun rhetoric that locals have had to endure for the past decade with absolutely no progress . . .

“This is something the health department and public health as a discipline should address,” Jones said. “It’s predictable and we know the risk factors that make it more likely.”

The uptick of murders being committed with firearms is seeing in crime totals from the Kansas City Police Department. Homicide counts have been high during the past three years, and at least 90% of those crimes are being committed with various forms of guns.

“It’s immediately urgent and concerning. We know having any type of engagement or interaction with violence can change the life course of everyone it involves — parents, siblings,” Dr. Marvia Jones said.

Jones said she hopes to see the Kansas City Health Department partner with public schools in hopes of keeping more people in classrooms, and with anti-violence groups to strengthen their efforts. She mentioned poverty and low graduation rates as being key factors in this problem.

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New Kansas City health director says rise in gun violence is a 'public health crisis'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The city's new public health director is taking on a unique challenge - gun violence - in addition to COVID-19 concerns. Dr. Marvia Jones, who spoke with reporters on Friday, referred to rising levels of gun violence in Kansas City as "a public health crisis."